NICL AO Exam Answer Exam Held on 22/12/2013

NICL AO Exam Was Held on (22/12/2013) two shifts morning and Evening.NICL AO Paper Answers and Paper Solutions Key,
(Morning Session). Overall exam was good and very easy questions.
English Was easy. Synonym, Opposite Word, Rearrange the Sentence, Fill in the blanks,Proverb.

Questions Asked in NICL AO Exams & Paper Solution of Exam Held on 22nd December 2013 i.e 22/12/2013

Here is Review and Complete analysis of NICL AO 2013 Exam. This is Not Official Answer KEY.
Reasoning – it also Very easy. No practice required. Maths – Easy but few questions required some serious calculations which consume little bit times. I found two of them wrong.
General Awareness – 95% from GK. Few of them are – World Trade Organizations are established in ?
Gold mine India in which place?
Govt of India decided to declare ____ river as National River.
In First five year which govt body established?
Coconut Triangle in which country?
Asian Development Bank headquarter?
in objective type each having 25 questions.
In subjective type, there are 3 questions –
Comprehension (an easy one passage relating need of world government),
Essay on-Women’s SAFETY-A BIG ISSUE (only one topic is given,there is no other options),Precisewriting (a passage on ability and achievement of modern scientist as compared to pre independence era scientist)
Only 2-3 ques on current affairs rest are from general knowledge.
1)coconut triangle is situated where?
2)president of Ghana?
3)gold mines location?
4)1st douronto train run between?
5)1st computer established where?
6)English is made compulsory in our education system by whom?
7)largest river in peninsular region?
8)NDC is established on?
9)illumination of light at south pole?
10)book written by kamala das?
11) a book on sachin Named******(exactly D’nt remember) written bye?
12)location of a national park?(option are bihar,rajasthan,gujarat,assam)
13)why all the food-cans are made up of tin rather than zinc?
14)an animal which has no blood still respire?
15)food poisoning is caused by which bacteria?
16)highest growing micro organism(bacteria,protozoa,algae,insects)
17)souring of milk is due to ?
1) Human body normal temperature
2) animal with constant body temperature is called
3)krishna river dispute is between which states
4) Nagarjuna sagar dam is on which river
5)Dengue is caused by which virus
Numerical Sections :
1) sum on pipes and cistern
2)taxi driver charges with a fixed rate along with charge fixed for each kilometer. a person travels
13 km and pays 96 Rs. Another person travels 18 km and pays 131 Rs. how much does a person
has to pay if he travels for 25 Km?
3)how many persons were if there are 66 handshakes in the party?
4) some questions on permutation and combination, percentages,profit&loss
Section-4 (QA & computer)
1)only one ques on computer-first microchip is developed by?
2)one from probability-a class of 30 students have 5 rows of seats each having capacity for 8 student.What is the probability that the 6th seat in the last row remain vacant if the students seated randomly?
3)The mean temperature from mon to wed is 37celcius.if the temp. on thus is 4/5 of mon,then the temp. of thus is?
4)time and distance-2ques
5)profit & discount-2 Ques
6)geometry-on the properties of common tangents
7)highest no. formed by digits0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which is divisible by 4?
8)LCM of three no.
9)algebraic simplification
10)M and n are in proportion.If m is 5 then n=4,What is the value of m when n is 24
11)a no. when divisible by 3,4,6 leaves a remainder 3 in each case and is exactly divisible by 9?
Nothing from computer awareness. There was a lot of time.
Some questions : English
synonym for
some fill in the blanks
meaning for idiom : a bone of contention
some antonyms(I cant recall the words)
corrections of sentence
correction of words(spelling)
Reasoning :
1) 2 questions of : missing numbers in box
2) odd man out
3) non verbal reasoning questions
4) how many triangles are there in the figure

Merit List of this Paper and Probable Cut-off marks will be Calculate after Result analysis of NICL AO. Result date and Other Imp announcement will be Published on Official website and here also so stay tune for More Updates here

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