Gujarat 7th Pay Commission Salary Calculation from August 1, 2016

As Per Previous Notification The Centre had on July 25 notified the implementation of 7th Pay Commission for Central Government employees from January 1.  Today Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel has accepted the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission and announced to implement it in the state from August 1, 2016

7th Pay Commission Know Your Salary

Latest News of 7th Pay Commission Gujarat Today Gujarati TV News Channel ETV News, Sandesh News, GSTV News. All Gujarat Government Employees and Pensioner Know your Estimated Salary / Pension Increase. How to Check 7th Pay Commission Employees Salary & Pention. Satma Pagar Panch Ma Ketli Salary Vadhshe ? Gujarat Sarkar Satma Pagarpanch Mujab tamaro Pagar Jano.

Gujarat Sarkar nu Satmu Pagar Panch Jaher

Gujarat Seventh 7th i.e Satamu Pagar Panch Pay commission will be effective from 01st August 2016. All Gujarat Govt. Employee (Sarkari Karmchari) will benefit by this. Gujarat 7th Pay Class-1 Salary, 7th Pay Class-2 Salary, 7th Pay Class-3 Salary, 7th Pay Class-4 Employee Salary will get increase in this new pay commission.

7th pay commission Employee Salary Increase Latest news by Govt. Gujarat.

  • 65 Lakhs & 4.15 Pensioners of Gujarat Govt. Employee will be Benefit from this
  • Employees of class-4 to class-1 will now get a hike of 14.60 per cent to 25 per cent in their salaries, it added.
  • Gujarat 7th Pay Commission will effected from 01-08-2016 (1st August 2016)
  • All Govt. Employee will be benefited from Next Month (September 2016)
  • Gujarat Govt. Employees 2.57% Increase in Basic Salary.
  • Minimum pay will be from Rs.7000/- to Rs.18000/-
  • 7th Pay Deeside Yearly Increment will be 3%

Gujarat Nu Satamu Pagar Panch Jaher. How to Calculate 7th Pay Commission Salary Increse for Class-1 to Class-4 Employee “Sarkari Karmachari” i.e Satama Pagar Panch ma Pagar Vadharo Jano.

Gujarat 7th Pay Commission Approved Latest News

Gujarat Seventh 7th i.e Satamu Pagar Panch Pay commission
Gujarat 7th Pay Salary Calculator : 7th pay commission calculator is New salary calculation is done based on multiplication factor. Multiplication factor is 2.57. If you want to calculate new salary then follow given below step or Use given below Salary Calculator.

  • Step 1: Decide your basic pay as on 01-01-2016.
  • Step 2: Multiply your basic pay with 2.57
  • Step 3: This is your Initial Salary.
  • Step 4: Gross Salary = Basic Pay * 2.57 + HRA + TA + (other allowance if any)

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